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Contracts and the Legal Environment for Engineers & Architects, 7/e
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Table of Contents


About the Authors


Part I Introduction to Law

Ch 1: Evolution of Engineering and Law

Ch 2: Legal systems in the United States and The World

Ch 3: Substantive v. Procedural Law

Ch 4: Systems of Courts

Part II Law of Contracts

Ch 5: Types of Contracts

Ch 6: Formation of Contracts

Ch 7: Procedural Issues in Formation of Contracts

Ch 8: Terms and Conditions

Ch 9: Privity and Third-Party Beneficiaries

Ch 10: Construction and Interpretation

Ch 11: Discharge of Obligations

Ch 12: Issues with Discharge by Performance

Ch 13: Remedies for Breach of Contract

Part III Relationships of Individuals and Society

Ch 14: Agency

Ch 15: Partnerships

Ch 16: Corporations

Ch 17: Insurance

Ch 18: Bonds and Suretyship

Ch 19: Federal Statutes and Regulations

Part IV Law of Torts

Ch 20: Definition and Scope of Torts

Ch 21: Torts Based Upon Intentional Actions

Ch 22: Torts Based Upon Negligent Actions

Ch 23: Torts without Fault

Ch 24: Procedural Issues Relating to Torts

Ch 25: Professional Liability for Architects and Engineers

Part V Real and Other Property

Ch 26: Real and Personal Property

Ch 27: Above and Below—Air, Water, and Mineral Rights

Ch 28: Intellectual Property

Part VI Application to Engineering and Construction Projects

Ch 29: Contracts for Construction Projects

Ch 30: Drawings

Ch 31: Specifications

Ch 32: Specifications for Workmanship

Ch 33: Specifications for Materials

Ch 34: General Conditions

Ch 35: Clauses Relating to Finance

Ch 36: Proposals

Ch 37: Advertising for Bids

Ch 38: Duty to Design—Engineering v. Statutory Codes

Part VII Engineering and Legal Procedure

Ch 39: The Engineer's Role in Litigation

Ch 40: The Engineer's Role in Arbitration