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Managerial Economics, 9/e

Christopher R. Thomas, University of South Florida
S. Charles Maurice, Texas A&M University

ISBN: 0073402818
Copyright year: 2008

Table of Contents

Preface to 9th Edition

Part I: Some Preliminaries

CHAPTER 1:   Managers, Profits, and Markets

CHAPTER 2:   Demand, Supply, and Market Equilibrium

CHAPTER 3:   Marginal Analysis for Optimal Decisions

CHAPTER 4:   Basic Estimation Techniques

Part II: Demand Analysis

CHAPTER 5:   Theory of Consumer Behavior

CHAPTER 6:   Elasticity and Demand

CHAPTER 7:   Demand Estimation and Forecasting

Online Topic 1: Estimating and Forecasting Industry Demand for Price-Taking Firms

Part III: Production and Cost Analysis

CHAPTER 8:   Production and Cost in the Short Run

CHAPTER 9:   Production and Cost in the Long Run

CHAPTER 10:  Production and Cost Estimation

Online Topic 2: Linear Programming

Part IV: Profit-Maximization in Various Market Structures

CHAPTER 11:  Managerial Decisions in Competitive Markets

CHAPTER 12:  Managerial Decisions for Firms with Market Power

CHAPTER 13:  Strategic Decision Making in Oligopoly Markets

Part V: Advanced Managerial Decision Making

CHAPTER 14:  Advanced Pricing Techniques

CHAPTER 15:  Decisions Under Risk and Uncertainty

CHAPTER 16:  Government Regulation of Business

Online Topic 3: The Investment Decision




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