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Understanding Business, 9/e

William G. Nickels, University of Maryland
James M. McHugh, St. Louis Community College at Forest Park
Susan M. McHugh, Applied Learning Systems

ISBN: 0073511706
Copyright year: 2010


Student’s Supplements:

  • Student Assessment and Learning Guide: (stand-alone ISBN: 0077268423, package ISBN: 0077364937 – free when packaged) The print study guide is designed to help students study important material from the chapters and give them an edge in the course. Each chapter contains learning goals, key term review, assessment checks, critical thinking exercises, practice quizzes, internet research exercises, and answers to all of these questions so students can study on their own. Much of the study guide is reformatted into Understanding Business Online, so an instructor should not need to require the print study guide AND UB Online.
  • iPod content: Chapter summaries, narrated PowerPoints, and quizzes can be downloaded from the OLC to students’ MP3 players to help them study.


Instructor’s Supplements:

  • Annotated Instructor’s Edition: (ISBN: 0077268342) This is a great way for new users of the text and adjuncts to get up to speed quickly. Marginal notations in the AIE indicate where other elements of the package could be included in the lecture – like PowerPoint slides, transparencies, cases, and critical thinking questions.
  • Instructor’s Manual: (ISBN: 0077370945) The 2 volume print Instructor’s Manual is organized in the way others now duplicate. When the manual is opened flat, the lecture outline is on the left-side page, and the supplemental resources like the slides, critical thinking exercises, boxes from the text, etc are on the right-side page, suggesting where they can be included in your lecture. Great for adjuncts who are given this course with little prep time. The IM also includes video notes, thumbnails of all the slides for each chapter, supplemental cases, critical thinking exercises, answers to discussion questions in the text, and suggested course schedules.
  • Test Bank: (ISBN: 0077370953) The print test bank includes over 5000 questions, reviewed for accuracy. The questions are organized by learning objective, and by the level of learning (definition, application, etc). Quick quizzes are included in each chapter. Test Tables are included for each chapter as well that organize every question in that chapter in a table so professors can see – at a glance – which questions test on which learning objective and which level of learning. And, it is indicated which questions test on boxed material, which are essay questions, multiple-choice questions, true-false questions, and which questions test on cases in the book, etc.
  • IRCD: (ISBN: 0077268385) The Instructor’s Resource CD includes the IM, CTB, Media Resource Guide, PPT slides, video notes, and digital asset library (all figures from the text).
  • Videos: (DVD ISBN: 0077268458) Videos are included for each of the chapters in the text (20 videos total). Videos include a variety of companies and organizations – from small businesses to large corporations. All videos are closed-captioned.
  • PowerPoint: The PowerPoint (available on the IRCD) includes over 400 slides with detailed teaching notes. A basic presentation is also available for students on the OLC. All PPT slides now have teaching notes.
  • Instructor’s Supplements Orientation Online: Great for instructors new to using the text, or for adjuncts/full-timers not sure what all is available in this UB9e supplements package! Information on every one of the supplements available with the text is included to help you decide what supplements you think might be the most effective teaching tools for you to use.
  • Business Plan Pro: (ISBN: 007733065X) Business Plan Pro includes 68 sample plans for guidance, complete and integrated financials, real-world forecasting tools and an easy step-by-step process. There is also a grading sheet, built-in research data, and uses an SBA approved document format. This is a great option for instructors who incorporate a quarter/semester-long business plan project into their course. Stand-alone copies must be purchased directly from Palo Alto software (800-229-7526).
  • EZ Test: The Computerized Test Bank can be found on the Instructor’s Resource CD and allows professors to add, delete, and edit questions as they wish to create their exams.
  • Wall Street Survivor: This stock market project/game can now be accessed from the OLC. Students receive hypothetical money to trade with for their semester and they compete with students using UB around the country. Students can trade stocks or mutual funds. Teaching notes are included in the instructor portion of the website.

To obtain an instructor login for this Online Learning Center, ask your local sales representative. If you're an instructor thinking about adopting this textbook, request a free copy for review.