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Understanding Business, 9/e

William G. Nickels, University of Maryland
James M. McHugh, St. Louis Community College at Forest Park
Susan M. McHugh, Applied Learning Systems

ISBN: 0073511706
Copyright year: 2010

What's New

  • Thinking Green boxes: These new boxes included in most chapters highlight companies and organizations that are making efforts to be more “green” and discuss how this is impacting their business.

  • Name that Company: This feature now opens each chapter. These brief boxes ask questions to pique students interest about the company in question – and if they can’t determine what the company is they will be able to establish the answer after reading the chapter. (the answer can be found within the chapter content.)

  • Learning Objectives are now integrated into the chapter where they are discussed. Instead of simply listing a number in the margin, the entire learning objective is repeated before that objective is discussed, so students more clearly understand what the concept is that they’re meant to understand in that section of the chapter.

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