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Grammar Help
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Writing and reading are closely connected. If you'd like to work on your editing skills—grammar, punctuation, and mechanics--explore some of the resources below.

Diagnostic Quizzes

Diagnostic tests covering all areas of grammar and punctuation, which will help students determine the areas in which they need the most skills practice.

The Flash 6 Player is required for these diagnostic, you can download it from Macromedia's web site.

Diagnostic A (65.0K)

Diagnostic B (65.0K)

Diagnostic C (65.0K)


Sentence Skills Multi-Media Interactive Tutorials

Please Note:

The interactive animations in the sentence skills tutorials require that the Macromedia Flash Player be installed on your system. If the animations fail to appear, you probably don't have this player installed. To install this player, please go to the Macromedia Shockwave Download site and follow the directions on-screen for proper installation.

Please disable any active pop-up blockers in your browser before clicking the link below.

Sentence Skills Multi-Media Interactive Tutorials

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