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Learning Goals
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After reading Chapter 6, you should know and understand:

  • what features are;
  • what the most common feature topics and formats are;
  • how to come up with ideas for feature stories;
  • how to tell if your feature idea is a good one and how to turn it into a story;
  • how the style of feature writing differs from news writing;
  • what story structures work well for features;
  • how to research and write biographical profiles;
  • how to write special stories and series that explore people and issues in greater depth (enterprise projects);
  • how to do investigative reporting, and what to watch out for;
  • how teamwork can help turn stories into appealing packages through package planning;
  • how to condense material using short-form alternatives, such as bios, checklists, timelines and diagrams; and
  • how to write editorials, columns and reviews.

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