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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Read each question carefully and then select the best answer.


Which of the following is NOT a common category that a feature would fall into at most publications?
A)science and technology
B)breaking news

"Hard" and "soft" news are relative terms that describe both the topic and treatment of a story. Which of the following topics could go either way?
A)"Three Killed When Fire Breaks Out at Bridal Show"
B)"Bridal Assistant Shares Makeup Secrets"
C)"Mayor's Daughter Chosen Top Model for National Bridal Show"
D)"Groom Consultant Reveals Hot New Styles for Best-Dressed Grooms"

Which of the following would you NOT do when planning a great feature?
A)look for story ideas constantly and start compiling a list
B)organize your ideas by topic
C)plan your story as close to publishing time as possible
D)mark timely or seasonal ideas on your calendar or compile a "tickler" file to plan stories ahead

Asking yourself which the following questions would NOT help you tell if your story idea is a good one?
A)Is it timely?
B)Is the idea or angle original?
C)Does the story have motion, change, direction or something new?
D)Is the story true?

Which of the following topics needs more focus?
A)the oldest WW II veteran alive
B)how to buy a diamond
D)the first New Year baby born

In the 1960s Tom Wolfe dubbed his new feature-writing style "The New Journalism." Which of the following was NOT a literary technique that reporters of the time began borrowing from novelists?
A)recording everyday details that contained the most symbolic meaning
B)over-dramatizing to make stories more interesting to read
C)vivid reconstruction of scenes
D)realistic dialogue

Which of the following suggestions can help you write a successful feature story?
A)Keep it short.
B)Use as many quotes as possible.
C)Take advantage of using the feature story to cheerlead and ridicule.
D)Hold back one important fact to keep your reader interested.

Which of the following would you NOT use as part of a short-form feature story structure?
A)a series of bullet items
C)combining different short-form structures into a feature package
D)segueing paragraphs of text logically from one item/idea to another

Writing in-depth profiles requires time and research. Which of the following statements is NOT true of writing profiles?
A)You may need to check the subject's credentials to verify education, position, awards and the like.
B)To avoid bias in your writing, it is best not to interview the subject personally.
C)You may need to research the Web, old news clips and other pertinent documents and sources.
D)Don't stick to the basic who-what-where-when-why format.

Enterprise projects are special stories that reach beyond the ordinary. Which of the following is NOT an example of an enterprise story?
A)an in-depth profile of a family without medical insurance
B)a detailed look at how racism in the local high school is influencing the students and what may lie ahead
C)a detailed look at how a fire department decides what vehicles to send to an alarm
D)a detailed look at how an inspiring young politician deals with the increase in public dissatisfaction with government officials

Which of the following is NOT one of the three basic elements of investigative reporting?
A)You should have an agenda that helps set the direction of the investigation.
B)The investigation is the work of the reporter, not a report on someone else's investigation.
C)The subject involves something of reasonable importance to the reader.
D)Others are attempting to hide these matters from the public.

Which of the following would NOT be good advice for getting the information you need for investigative reporting?
A)Be skeptical of sources such as legitimate-looking documents and sympathetic politicians. Trust no one.
B)Wait until the police and lawyers have had a chance to talk to your sources or potential sources before you interview those sources.
C)Don't be tempted to do something illegal or unethical to get some juicy tidbit.
D)Remain objective and adhere to good journalistic practices.

Which of the following is NOT an important part of package planning your feature?
A)an assembly-line process
B)summarizing the story idea
C)setting staff deadlines
D)including the photographer

Short-form alternatives condense data into easy-to-read formats. Which of the following lists includes a plan that is NOT considered a short-form alternative format?
A)bio box, inverted pyramid, diagram
B)checklist, fast-facts box, quiz
C)step-by-step guide, quote collection, timeline
D)factual index, diagram, list

To write an effective editorial, which of the following should you NOT do?
A)write a strong lead and a solid finish
B)attack issues, not personalities
C)keep it relevant
D)be a bully when necessary

Opinion writing is NOT appropriate for which of the following?
B)movie reviews
C)hard news

Which of the following would NOT be an appropriate column topic?
A)football schedules
B)advice on relationships
C)celebrity gossip

What would an effective columnist consider BAD advice?
A)Base your opinions on facts and present those facts.
B)You can base your opinions on reading previously printed stories. Columnists don't have to do their own reporting or interviewing.
C)Come up with fresh insights.
D)Choose topics that your readers will find worth reading.

Which of the following is TRUE when writing reviews of movies, plays, books etc.?
A)It is appropriate for you to reveal surprise plot twists or endings.
B)Including phrases like I think or In my opinion is fine; after all, the review is your opinion.
C)You should criticize the performance, not the performer's appearance, personal life, political views, etc.
D)all of the above

What would be BAD advice to give someone who is writing a review?
A)Don't be just a critic, be a reporter. You should provide accurate details and then explain why things did or didn't work.
B)Don't be afraid to show your personal biases. This is opinion writing after all.
C)Don't be pompous. Keep it simple.
D)Don't try to fake it. Be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of expertise.

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