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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Read each question carefully and then select the best answer.


Which of the following is NOT TRUE at most larger radio stations?
A)The news director supervises a small team of reporters.
B)A reporter may cover one to five stories in one day.
C)The assignment desk monitors who covers what in the field.
D)There are not enough reporters and too much news, so a reporter's assignments may vary from meetings to murder.

Which of the following is NOT likely to be true at a television station?
A)TV journalists work side by side with photographers.
B)Stories are always taped at the scene and brought back to the studio for reviewing and scripting.
C)Producing a 90-second story can take hours.
D)Producers and anchors do their own writing and editing.

According to recent research, which of the following is NOT TRUE about a typical half-hour local newscast?
A)Most stories are local.
B)The most common topic is crime.
C)The lead story most often involves crime.
D)Most stories involving controversy give both sides of the story.

To format your news story to make it easier for someone else to read on the radio, which of the following would you NOT do?
A)write numbers in numerals with commas to separate millions, thousands, etc.
B)capitalize or underline words that need extra emphasis
C)put cut or actuality (prerecorded quote) information at the point where the cut will be
D)avoid hyphenating words

Which of the following suggestions should a broadcast newswriter NOT follow?
A)Avoid complicated syntax and keep your subjects and verbs close together.
B)Limit sentences to 20 words or less.
C)Use the inverted pyramid format.
D)It's OK to start sentences with conjunctions.

Which of the following is TRUE in terms of the use of attributions and quotes in a broadcast news story?
A)You should attribute the source first, before relaying information or quoting someone.
B)It's generally preferable to paraphrase than to use direct quotes.
C)The best option is to provide actual sound bites so audiences can hear quotes for themselves.
D)all of the above

In terms of style, which of the following is NOT TRUE of broadcast newswriting vs. print newswriting?
A)In both broadcast and print newswriting, contractions should be avoided.
B)In broadcast newswriting, attributions should be placed before a quote, while in print they usually follow.
C)In broadcasting, if a phonetic pronunciation is needed, it should be added each time the word is used. If phonetic pronunciation is provided in print, it would be done only once.
D)In broadcasting, even common abbreviations like St., Dr. and Ln. should be spelled out.

Which of the following would NOT be correct formatting for numbers in broadcast newswriting?
A)8 houses
B)232 dollars
C)88 percent

Which of the following should be spelled out in broadcast newswriting?

Which of the following definitions is CORRECT in radio news reporting?
A)Wrap: the ending of the story
B)Lead-in: the beginning of the story
C)In-cue: the first words of a cut or wrap
D)Actuality: the basic premise (facts) of the story

Which of the following would NOT be good advice to help a radio broadcaster develop a smooth, natural-sounding delivery?
A)To avoid sounding artificial, use the natural pitch and volume of your voice.
B)Record your voice and listen to the way you speak.
C)Study and imitate professional journalists that you admire.

Which of the following is NOT helpful advice for creating radio news stories?
A)Read your stories aloud.
B)Avoid adding drama to your facts.
C)Focus on people.
D)Gather lots of audio.

Which of the following practices should you AVOID when conducting a video interview?
A)Find a location that has action and visuals in the background.
B)Divert your subject's gaze away from the camera by maintaining eye contact.
C)Jot down phrases that will help you locate good sound bites.
D)Shoot cutaways to show that you are listening attentively to your subject.

A/An __________ is when a reporter narrates over video cover.

Which of the following statements is an example of BAD broadcast newswriting?
A)Students from Eastern State University dumped more than 13-thousand cans and bottles on the Capitol lawn today.
B)Warren Peace, a Bloomfield cab driver who claims a passenger was drunk and insulted him last night, was arrested and charged with assaulting him.
C)Here are the top stories we're following tonight: Watch out for construction delays if you're driving near the river tomorrow.
D)Three boats were destroyed, including a brand-new 56-foot yacht likely worth more than 2-thousand dollars.

Which of the following suggestions should NOT be followed in broadcast newswriting?
A)Use one idea per sentence.
B)Limit sentences to 20 words or less.
C)Feel free to use conjunctions anywhere in a sentence.
D)Use only complete sentences with a subject and verb.

A broadcast news story needs a solid ending. Which of the following would NOT qualify?
A)vital details
B)a summary statement
C)a rehash of the first sentence
D)a zinger

Which of the following sentences is NOT good newswriting?
A)The jury's reached a decision.
B)The thief stole nearly 400-thousand dollars.
C)As Nixon said - quote - "I am not a crook."
D)The F-B-I has updated its Most Wanted List.

Which of the following acronyms does NOT require hyphens?

In broadcast newswriting a package is a complete story combining any of the following elements EXCEPT:
A)sound bites.

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