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Exercise 9-4
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A 45-second television spot


Build a 45-second news spot from the following notes. Your first sentence will be on-camera, but from that point on you'll just be doing a voice-over while video shows students sitting and walking into the West County Mall. You have several on-camera interview clips to choose from, but you won't have time for more than one. Use the television news story format shown in the section of Chapter 9 titled "What a Typical Broadcast News Script Looks Like." Read your work aloud to make sure you hit the time limit.
  • There was a chlorine gas leak today at Francis Coppola High School.

  • Marin County Fire Department officials say nobody was hurt in the incident.

  • Pool maintenance workers use a mixture of chlorine and hydrochloric acid to clean the pool's swimming pool. A pool maintenance worker improperly mixed more than 200 gallons of the two together, causing the accident, Marin County fire officials say.

  • The 1,311 students at Francis Coppola High School were in the middle of final exams when the alarm sounded.

  • Officials from the Marin County Fire Department cordoned off a five-block area around the intersection of Blute Avenue and Haeylie Street.

  • Firefighters, administrators and teachers escorted students across Haelie Street to West County Mall, an indoor shopping center with 60 retail outlets, including a food court.

  • The all-clear came two hours later, and the students returned to class.

  • Coppola is pronounced COPE-uh-luh; Blute is pronounced BLOOT; Haeylie is pronounced HAY-lee.

  • Twelve-second video clip of Samuel Youngquist, principal of Coppola High School: "Our regular evacuation route takes us to the football field, but that's downwind from the pool and in the open air, so we moved everyone to the mall. The kids enjoyed the break but are worried about their exams."

  • Ten-second video clip of 11th-grader Rosie Paulino: "I was right in the middle of my chemistry final when the alarm sounded and the principal came on over the loudspeaker sounding a little nervous. He said something like 'This is not a drill.'"

  • Twelve-second video clip of freshman Pilar Griffey: "The maintenance guys who caused this mess should be forced to pay. Do you know how long I studied for my algebra final? And, what, now instead of raising my grade I'm sitting in a food court eating french fries and wasting my time. This is so stupid."

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control, symptoms of chlorine gas exposure can include coughing; chest tightening; burning sensation in the nose, throat and eyes; watery eyes; blurred vision; nausea and vomiting; difficulty breathing or shortness of breath (symptoms may appear immediately if high concentrations of chlorine gas are inhaled, or may be delayed if low concentrations of chlorine gas are inhaled); fluid in the lungs (pulmonary edema) within two to four hours

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