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Deux mondes: A Communicative Approach, 6/e

Tracy D. Terrell
Mary Rogers
Betsy Kerr, University of Minnesota
Guy Spielmann, Georgetown University

ISBN: 0073535443
Copyright year: 2009

Feature Summary

Deux mondes includes both oral and written activities that can be used as a starting point for communication. The student text consists of two preliminary Étapes and fourteen regular chapters. Each chapter explores a specific theme, introducing related language functions, vocabulary, and cultural information essential to communication at the beginning level. Functional language is supported by the Grammaire explanations and self-correcting exercises.

Every chapter of the student textbook is divided into the following three parts:

    · Activités et lectures
    · Vocabulaire
    · Grammaire et exercices

Activités et lectures
The Activités are designed for oral communication and listening comprehension in the classroom. They are done with partners, in small groups, or by the whole class. The readings provide cultural information and add context for learning authentic language. A small number are adapted from accessible literary texts. Each Lecture is followed by comprehension questions, Avez-vous compris? and extension activities for partners or groups.

Chapter vocabulary is mostly summarized by its lexical or thematic groups as related to the chapter theme. The Vocabulaire presents words intended primarily for recognition. They are meant for student review and reference; students are not expected to learn all of the words for active use.

Grammaire et exercices
The Grammaire section can be used for at-home study, or if instructors so desire, it can be used in class. Its numbered sections provide explanations in English and are referenced in the Activités et lectures sections. Answer keys are provided in Appendix D to allow students to correct their own work.

Other exciting features include:

Allons plus loin!
These activities encourage students to offer their own views on the topics raised in the Activités and Lectures and to approach the topic from other perspectives.

À vous la parole!
These activities are optional extensions of certain Activités; they encourage students to practice speaking French by doing engaging projects such as role-plays and interviews.

This small margin feature is placed near designated activities to indicate supplementary vocabulary that can be used when doing these activities. This feature provides idioms and current expressions that students enjoy using to express their feelings while talking.

Info: Société , Histoire, Arts et lettres, Vie quotidienne
These illustrated boxes offer up-to-date information about everyday life and broader social issues throughout the Francophone world.

La langue en mouvement
Starting in Chapitre 3, these brief sections give insight into how the French language is changing, as well as into how it has developed historically. The sections include the origins of words and expressions, variations in language within the Francophone world, and other linguistic phenomena.

Ça fait penser
Starting in Chapitre 7, these margin boxes offer interesting facts that supplement a few Activités or readings in each chapter. They always open the door to further discussion of a particular topic.

Les Francophones sur le vif
In this feature, native speakers from France and the Francophone world give their personal views about a variety of issues and everyday events.

Cliquez là!
This web feature is integrated throughout the text as an optional activity. It is intended to help students feel successful as they explore the web on their own while using French-language websites. Cliquez là! offers basic guidance for using the web to delve deeper into issues or topics raised in the text activities.

Escales francophones
These readings accompany cultural video footage that introduces students to the French and Francophone regions presented in Deux mondes. Appearing after Chapitres 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12, this feature provides three brief texts that encourage students to learn more about the French-speaking world through such engaging topics as art, society, history, and geography. Students can view the Escales francophones video footage in the new online ActivityPak, accessible with a registration code at the Deux mondes web site.

Rendez-vous cinéma
Starting in Chapitre 1, this feature introduces students to each of the seven episodes of the film Le Chemin du retour, a new feature of the Deux mondes program. Located after Activités et lectures in Chapitres 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13, the Rendez-vous cinéma feature consists of a film still and a brief preview of the episode to come. After viewing the film segment, students may do film activities created for the Sixth Edition in the Cahier d'exercices. These activities explore key vocabulary, main plot developments, and important cultural issues from each episode.

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