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Deux mondes: A Communicative Approach, 6/e

Tracy D. Terrell
Mary Rogers
Betsy Kerr, University of Minnesota
Guy Spielmann, Georgetown University

ISBN: 0073535443
Copyright year: 2009

What's New

  • The film, Le Chemin du retour, has been integrated into the Sixth Edition of the Deux mondes program, replacing the chapter-themed video segments of the last edition. This McGraw-Hill film introduces a rich new source of cultural topics, easily integrated into class activities. Current social issues, daily life in France, and the effects of recent history and events are presented via an intriguing plot that holds students' interest and draws them into discussion. Starting in Chapitre 1, the odd-numbered chapters in the textbook feature Rendez-vous cin&ma (replacing Espace vidéo), a film still with a summary/preview of the action in that episode. The Cahier d'exercices contains many activities to accompany the film.
  • The Cahier d'exercices (Workbook/Laboratory Manual) contains a new set of activities to accompany the new film, Le Chemin du retour. These new activities, which cover comprehension, vocabulary, and cultural issues, were created for use with first-year students using Deux mondes. They will allow instructors to integrate the film into their classroom activities seamlessly.
  • All chapters have been updated to reflect current statistics and events, as well as current cultural attitudes and language customs in France and the Francophone world.
  • Chapitre 8, Parlons de la terre! has been revised to expand students' ability to describe nature and weather. It retains the topic of ecology and our daily interactions with our environment, but presents this material in a more manageable way. Chapitre 10, Les voyages and Chapitres 11, Les moyens de communication, have also been updated in content to reflect the current state of technology and travel.
  • Chapitres 3, 6, 8, 9, and 13 have new readings. Chapitres 3 and 8 readings present cultural information in a more engaging and informal dialogue format. Chapitre 6 now has a short story by the well-known contemporary author Azouz Begag. The new reading in Chapitre 13, introduces students to the two main candidates in the last French presidential elections.
  • The Cahier d'exercices (Workbook/Laboratory Manual) is also accessible online as the Quia Online Workbook/Laboratory Manual, with password-protected access. Identical to the print version, this online workbook has additional advantages, such as a fully integrated Audio Program, immediate feedback and scoring for students, as well as a user-friendly gradebook and class roster system for instructors. In addition, students may view the episodes of the film  Le Chemin du retour in the online Cahier d'exercices.
  • The Testing Program, now conveniently available online in Microsoft Word has been updated and revised. In particular, vocabulary exercises now primarily test vocabulary presented in the chapter vocabulary displays. Since the document is in Word format, instructors can easily create their own exams from the Testing Program, by cutting and pasting exercises they want to use.
  • The updated Online Learning Center offers cultural links and additional vocabulary and grammar practice. It gives students free access to the complete Audio Program and Listening Comprehension Program. In addition, the Online Learning Center now contains many instructor resources, including the Audioscript and the Filmscript to the new film, Le Chemin du retour, the Instructor's Manual, the Testing Bank, and the maps found in the textbook.
  • The new, online ActivityPak takes the place of the Fifth Edition CD-ROM, providing a unified online language experience for students and eliminating the need for multiple components. Students can access it with a registration code at the Deux mondes web site, under Coursewide Content. The ActivityPak contains updated versions of the CD-ROM activities, which allow for interactive review and practice of vocabulary and grammar for each chapter of Deux mondes.
  • The new ActivityPak features three video-based activities: video accompanying the Escales francophones sections, Video-quizz activities (video from the last edition, with new accompanying activities), and the new À vos écrans video. The À vos écrans video for each chapter, starting with Chapitre 1, has a short skit followed by cultural footage shot throughout the Francophone world. Comprehension questions accompany each video.
  • Escales francophones, which appears after Chapitres 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12, encourages students to learn more about France and the Francophone world through cultural video clips and readings focused on the history and society of particular countries or regions--specifically France, Canada, Senegal, Belgium, and the Antilles. The video clips can be viewed in the new online ActivityPak. At the Deux mondes web site, under Coursewide Content, students can find key words and French search engines for doing web research on the countries featured in Escales francophones.
  • All the maps at the front and back of the student textbook have been revised and updated. The map of France now shows all of the regions and their topography. In addition, there is an entirely new map, of Paris and its arrondissements. All the maps are also available online to students and instructors at the Deux mondes web site, under Coursewide Content.

To obtain an instructor login for this Online Learning Center, ask your local sales representative. If you're an instructor thinking about adopting this textbook, request a free copy for review.