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Deux mondes: A Communicative Approach, 6/e

Tracy D. Terrell
Mary Rogers
Betsy Kerr, University of Minnesota
Guy Spielmann, Georgetown University

ISBN: 0073535443
Copyright year: 2009


Available to Adopters and to Students

  • Student Edition. (0-07353544-3) Full-color textbook with activities, grammar explanations and exercises, and helpful appendices.
  • Cahier d'exercices. (0-07-332698-4) This combined workbook/laboratory manual contains both acquisition activities and learning exercises for use outside the classroom.
  • Quia™ Online Workbook/Laboratory Manual. (0-07-332693-3) Developed in collaboration with Quia™, the Online Workbook/Laboratory Manual is the enhanced, interactive version of the printed product that includes instant feedback, the complete audio program, automatic grading and scoring, and a grade report feature that can be viewed online or printed. Students may also view the new film episodes (Le Chemin du retour) within the online Workbook, in conjunction with the new film activities created for the workbook.
  • Audio Program. (0-07-332687-9) Available on audio CD, this program contains pronunciation practice and listening comprehension texts, recorded dialogues, narratives, and, starting in Chapitre 1, the Rencontres serial program. The audio program offers a complete introduction to basic phonetics and pronunciation, with accompanying practice exercises and dictées. Included with the Audio Program is a separate audio CD, which contains the Listening Comprehension Program from the textbook (see below). The Audio Program and Listening Comprehension Program are also available on the Deux mondes web site.
  • Listening Comprehension Program. This audio program contains selections of readings from the Info boxes, Les francophones sur le vif, and Lectures sections. It is available on the Deux mondes web site.
  • ActivityPak (0-07-723460-X) This set of online interactive activities takes the place of the CD-ROM and contains the vocabulary displays with grammar and vocabulary practice for each chapter. It also features three video-based activities, including the new set of video segments, À vos écrans, which includes cultural video shot throughout the Francophone world. Students can access the ActivityPak with a registration code at the Deux mondes web site, under Coursewide Content.
  • The Deux mondes web site. The web site consists of the Information Center and the Online Learning Center. The Student Edition of the Online Learning Center has self-correcting grammar quizzes, and task-based Internet research activities that have been revised to reflect edits made to the main text in the Sixth Edition. In addition, the Online Learning Center contains the following resources under Coursewide Content: the access point for the ActivityPak, the maps found at the front and back of the main book, and guidance (key words and French search engines) for doing web research on the countries featured in Escales francophones.
  • Le Chemin du retour film on DVD (0-07-332688-7) This film comes with comprehension and cultural activities in the Cahier d’exercices. It is divided into seven episodes, each of which correlates to an odd-numbered chapter in the main book, starting with Chapitre 1. You can see trailers of the film in the Information Center at the Deux mondes web site.
  • C'est la vie! A French Reader. (0-07-282412-3) This reader is a collection of four original short stories that brings the Francophone world to life through the experiences of students and young professionals in France, Guadeloupe, Belgium, and Canada. The stories are written specifically for high-beginner and intermediate learners of French. In each story, the characters are portrayed in authentic, everyday situations and cultural setting that will pique student interest and offer a glimpse of daily life in various French-speaking countries. These engaging stories provide a format to encourage students to read for pleasure. In addition, suggestions for professors offer pedagogical tools that help them use this reader in class.

Available to adopters only:

  • Annotated Instructor's Edition. (0-07-332689-5) The version of the main text contains marginal notes with suggestions for using and expanding every Activité. Marginal notes also offer additional cultural information, teaching hints for using all readings, photos, and realia, and tips on teaching selected grammar points in the Natural Approach classroom.
  • Testing Program Audio CD. (0-07-296990-3). This is the audio CD that has listening comprehension passages to accompany the Testing Program exams.

Online Instructor's Resources

The following resources are available at the Deux mondes web site, in the Instructor Edition of the Online Learning Center.
  • Testing Program. This supplement, available in Microsoft Word, offers a variety of test components emphasizing listening, speaking, reading writing, vocabulary and grammar. It allows instructors to create tests according to the needs of their class. Listening comprehension passages are recorded on the accompanying audio CD (not available on the Online Learning Center).
  • Instructor's Manual. This guide offers more detailed teaching suggestions and theoretical background on the Natural Approach, including a fully illustrated guided tour of the Première étape and Chapitre 1 that provides detailed comments on the function and organization of the materials. The Instructor's Manual in the new edition includes tips on teaching the new film Le Chemin du retour, supplementary film activities, and the videoscripts to accompany the Escales francophones video footage and the new À vos écrans video segments and cultural footage.
  • Filmscript. The filmscript for the new film Le Chemin du retour.
  • Instructor's Resource Kit. This kit provides supplementary activities, photocopy masters, games, and other resources that correspond to the themes in the student text. It now includes more communicative activities than it did before.
  • Audioscript. A transcript of all the material recorded in the Audio Program (accompanying the Cahier d'exercices).
  • Overhead Transparencies. A set of 50 acetates for presentation of vocabulary, review, and class activities. These are available on the web site in the Instructor Edition.

To obtain an instructor login for this Online Learning Center, ask your local sales representative. If you're an instructor thinking about adopting this textbook, request a free copy for review.