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The United States Department of Agriculture provides a Web site,, to help you choose foods and amounts that are right for you. The activities provided here are designed to help you set up your own food plan and plan daily menus for one week. Begin with the activity called "My Pyramid Plan." Then complete a menu for each day. After you submit each activity, you can email the results to your teacher.<a onClick="'/olcweb/cgi/pluginpop.cgi?it=gif::::/sites/dl/free/0078616441/329914/Image_MyPyramid.gif','popWin', 'width=NaN,height=NaN,resizable,scrollbars');" href="#"><img valign="absmiddle" height="16" width="16" border="0" src="/olcweb/styles/shared/linkicons/image.gif"> (7.0K)</a>My Pyramid Plan
Weekly Menu: Day One
Weekly Menu: Day Two
Weekly Menu: Day Three
Weekly Menu: Day Four
Weekly Menu: Day Five
Weekly Menu: Day Six
Weekly Menu: Day Seven

Note: The 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans report, unlike previous versions, is not oriented toward the general public. It contains more technical information than previous versions, and not all of the guidelines are appropriate for a teen audience. Therefore, not all of our textbooks list the complete Dietary Guidelines. However, we do strive to provide nutrition information and advice that is consistent with the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines.
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