Bon voyage!

Chapter 8: L’aéroport et l’avion


Au départ de Paris

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  • Familiarize students with airports and air travel in the Francophone world

  • Reinforce vocabulary from Chapitre 8 about airports and air travel


  • You may want to explain to students how to enter the date in a European style with the day first and then the month.

  • Useful phrases for this activity are Horaires des vols, meaning flight schedules, and Lancer la recherche, recherche,and rechercher, which all mean search.

  • Once students have found the flights to their city, they can find their departure airport and terminal under the heading Aérogare. The airport is indicated by ORLY for Orly or CDG for Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle. The following number or direction indicates the aérogare.

  • Under Autres services, students will see a screen entitled Recherche multi-critères. They should check only the name of the aérogare they want, and they should click on Rechercher.


  • Have students write a short Journal de voyage about their trip to the destination they chose in this activity. They might want to research their destination and look for pictures of it in order to describe what they did there. They can also use the Aéroports de Paris Web site to find a return flight back to Paris.


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