Bon voyage!

Chapter 8: L’aéroport et l’avion


Activity Worksheet (167.0K)

Avant de surfer
You will be flying from one of the Paris airports to a destination of your choice in the Francophone world. Before your flight leaves, you will also spend some time exploring that airport and the services it offers to travelers.

Première partie: Les détails du vol
Go to the Aéroports de Paris Web site. Click on Recherche Horaire. Make sure you indicate that you want a flight Au départ de Paris. Indicate the date you want to leave in the European form: day/month/year. Choose a destination in the Francophone world. If you are not sure if your destination is part of Le monde francophone, refer to pages xxi–xxxv of your textbook. Then click Rechercher and answer the questions on your worksheet based on the information you find. From there, clicking on the Numéro de Vol will give you some pieces of information you will need. Bon surf!

Seconde partie: Explorez l’aérogare.
Your plane is leaving late, so you have some extra time to explore your terminal. Click on Dans l'Aéroport and then on your terminal. Answer the questions on your worksheet. Bon surf!

Après avoir surfé

Answer the questions on your worksheet.


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