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Unit 3: Healthy and Safe Relationships

Unit 3: Healthy and Safe Relationships

Boys & Girls Clubs of America seeks to provide a safe, positive place for the thousands of American children and teens who are on their own every day after school. Its thousands of clubs across the United States offer these kids a safe place to learn and grow. Through its programs, the organization aims to help all young people reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. You can find out more about these programs at the Web site below.

Link to explore:Boys & Girls Clubs America


  • Follow the link above to the Big Brothers Big Sisters home page.
  • Click on the links at the left of the page labeled “Who We Are” and “Programs.” Then browse through the various sub-pages that can be reached from each of these pages.
  • After exploring all these parts of the site, answer the following questions:

When and where was the first Boys Club founded?
How many American children and teens are part of Boys & Girls Clubs?
What are the four key characteristics of a Boys & Girls Club?
In what areas are national programs offered through Boys & Girls Clubs?
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