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Chapter 14: Skeletal, Muscular, and Nervous Systems

Student Web Activities Lesson 1: The Skeletal System

You probably do not often think about your bones, but they are a vital part of everything you do. This lesson addresses the composition and function of the human skeleton, including bones, cartilage, and joints. You can get to know your skeleton inside out at this Web site.

Links to Explore:
The Skeletal System


  • Click on the link and read the article on the skeletal system.
  • Be sure to follow the hyperlinks within the article and read that content as well.
  • Don't miss the Fun Facts section on many pages.
  • When you have read the entire article, answer the following questions:

Give an example of an immovable joint cited in this article.
What is the only freely movable joint in your head? What purpose does it serve?
Floating ribs are attached to which bone in the back? In the front?
List three functions of the vertebral column.
What is the most commonly broken bone in the body and why?
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