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Chapter 20: Tobacco

Student Web Activities Lesson 2: Living Tobacco Free

As you learned in this lesson, the easiest way to get the benefits of a tobacco-free lifestyle is to not start smoking. Once a person has begun to smoke, it may be very difficult to quit. Fortunately, there are products and programs available that can help smokers kick the habit. Visit this Web site to learn about the American Lung Association’s recommendations for people who want to quit smoking.

Links to Explore:
Smoking Cessation Support


  • Go to the Quit Smoking page and click on the Quitting Smoking link.
  • Read the fact sheet and answer the following questions:

How many smokers die early because they smoke?
What are some of the most common causes of death related to cigarette smoking?
How is secondhand smoke harmful?
What are the two steps to quitting smoking?
What is the purpose of nicotine replacement therapy?
List three benefits to quitting smoking, aside from the reduced risk of disease.
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