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Chapter 26: Safety and Injury Prevention

Student Web Activities Lesson 2: Safety at Home and in Your Community

Do you consider your home a safe place? How about your school or your workplace? The truth is, unintentional injuries often happen in the most familiar settings. At this Web site, you will find statistics about unintentional injuries and recommendations for limiting the harm these injuries can do.

Links to Explore:
Report on Injuries in America


  • Click on the link and read the statistics on unintentional injuries for the year 2005.
  • After reading the page, answer the following questions:

How many Americans died of unintentional injuries in 2005?
How many Americans sought medical attention for injuries in 2004?
How did the rate of death from unintentional injury change between 1912 and 2005?
Which class of unintentional injuries resulted in the most deaths in 2005?
What percentage of all disabling injuries in the United States occur in homes?
List three steps the National Safety Council recommends to reduce deaths from unintentional injuries.
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