Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 12: Patterns of Inheritance

Post Test

What would be the result if Mendel had chosen an organism that was incapable of self-fertilizing? (p. 221)
A)He could not have observed segregation of traits.
B)He would have to create F1 heterozygotes from two different sets of parents prior to the crosses.
C)He would not have been able to observe flower traits.
D)The pods would not have contained different types of seeds.
E)True-breeding plants could not have been created.
A Punnett square is a method for symbolic analysis of possible genotypes produced from a cross. How many columns will you have when crossing a heterozygous individual with a true breeding one, assuming the heterozygote gametes are portrayed along the left hand ("female") side of the table (see Fig 12.7 for an example) (p. 224)
D)1 or 2
E)It is impossible to tell.
Two heterozygotes (F1) were created which contain two independently-assorting traits and interbred. Of their total of progeny obtained from a dihybrid cross which resemble their F1 parents, which fraction will be true-breeding? (p. 227)
A dihybrid cross is performed with two independently-assorting traits. 2345 progeny were obtained in the F2 generation. How many do you expect to be of the same genotype as the F1 plants? (p. 229)
E)It is impossible to determine from these data.
After performing a testcross, one of the progeny demonstrates the dominant traits. Which of the following IS NOT true of that progeny? (p. 230)
A)It will be a heterozygote
B)It will be true-breeding
C)It will have recessive alleles for the gene under investigation
D)It will resemble one of the parents
E)None of the above is necessarily false
You are attempting to create a true-breeding variety of hamster which has dark pigments at the tips of the ears, face, and limbs. However, you're having a hard time establishing reproducible results during the hot summer months. Your conclusion is that (p. 233)
A)the gene for your trait must be involved in an epistatic relationship with another.
B)the trait is influenced through a polygenic mechanism.
C)environmental effects are influencing the activity of the allele's protein.
D)codominance of several genes cause disproportionate lethality in the desired offspring which die in the heat.
E)the parental lines are not true-breeding.
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