Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 24: Genome Evolution

Video Quiz - Tiny Genes Big Role

Objective: Recognize what micro RNA is and identify the potential value of it as a gene regulator in cells.

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What is the normal sequence of events in gene expression?
A)Genes > protein > RNA
B)RNA > Genes > protein
C)Genes > RNA > protein
D)Protein > RNA > Genes

Genes have been identified that produce micro RNA. What is thought to be there key purpose of those identified as RNAi?
A)Assist ribosomes in the production of protein.
B)Open up the nuclear pores for mRNA to exit the nucleus easier.
C)Serve as promoters for translation during protein synthesis.
D)Create an interference that turns off certain genes from expressing.

What is a likely clinical application to this gene suppression ability of micro-RNA’s?
A)There is potential that RNAi might be able to turn off “silence” tumor producing genes.
B)They may be used as a vector to help deliver gene products to cells.
C)They could assist in blood clotting.
D)They may be able to produce new neurotransmitters.

What research has been conducted in human cells to reveal the potential applications of RNAi?
A)There has been no research conducted on human cells to this point.
B)Brain cell miRNA’s were placed in other body cells to see they could silence genes in the host cell.
C)Embyonic stem cells have been given the microRNA’s to see if they could be encouraged to become even less differentiated.
D)Micro-RNA’s were introduced into bone cells as a new bone regeneration technique.
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