Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 34: Coelomate Invertebrates

Video Quiz - Snails Pace

Objective: Detail how a snails propulsion mechanism is being used in research to create devices that can perform varied tasks requiring unique mobility mechanisms.

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What category below do snails best fit into?

How do snails travel?
A)By strong muscular movements in their antennae.
B)By pseudopodia amoeboid motion.
C)By a strong muscular foot along a trail of mucus.
D)They do not move freely.

What makes the mucus of a snail so interesting as an area of study?
A)This fluid changes its properties when subjected to stress.
B)The fluid is made by a chemical reaction occurring with moisture on the surfaces that the snail comes into contact.
C)The fluid dissolved in heat.
D)The fluid is only produced when the snail is moving.

Which of the following describes the mucus used by the RoboSnail?
A)synthetic glycolipid
B)gum tree extract and sugar
C)polyvinyl chloride and water
D)silicon and clay

Which of the following would not be a possible application to a RoboSnail?
A)With a remote control, you can have your crates crawl where you need them to go
B)To assist in clam and oyster bed farms in the Atlantic North East.
C)exploring for oil deep in the earth
D)To build some kind of an apparatus that will crawl across the floor and then go straight up a vertical wall.
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