Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 41: Sensory Systems in Plants

Learning Outcomes

Chapter 41
  • Understand the chemical basis of the phototropic and photomorphogenic responses and how they are altered by light of various wavelengths.
  • Differentiate between thigmotropism and thigmonasty.
  • Describe the physical versus physiological basis of gravitropism.
  • Understand the numerous kinds of movement exhibited by otherwise immobile plants.
  • List the seven major types of plant hormones, their basic effects on plant tissues, and several of their commercial applications. Which one is a gas? Which one induces formation of winter buds?
  • Describe the chemical nature of the only naturally occurring plant auxin.
  • Compare plant hormones with animal hormones.
  • Describe dormancy and the factors that release it.
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