Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 53: Animal Development

Post Test

Egg activation: (p.1091 - 1091)
A)is triggered by the fusion of the sperm and egg membranes.
B)can be stimulated in some species by pricking the egg.
C)results in a large increase in levels of free Ca2+ ions in the egg.
D)results in an increase in metabolic activity in the egg.
E)all of the above
In vertebrates having eggs with large yolks, cleavage is described as _______ and results in a ________ on top of the yolk. (p. 1094)
During gastrulation in birds: (p 1096 - 1097)
A)the primitive streak forms the endoderm.
B)the blastoderm gives rise to all three germ layers.
C)the blastoderm first separates into three layers.
D)both a and b
E)none of the above
What is the most important factor in determining the developmental fate of a cell in a developing embryo? (p. 1099)
A)its location
B)its genotype
C)the adjacent cells
D)its age
E)all of the above
In the dorsal lip transplantation experiments done by Spemann and Mangold, the conclusive evidence for the existence of organizers was: (p. 1104)
A)The development of a second notochord at the transplantation site.
B)The host cells as well as the transplanted ones made up the second notochord.
C)The differentiation of the dorsal lip cells into belly cells.
D)all of the above
The pattern of growth in which different components, or organs, grow at different rates is known as: (p.1111 - 1112)
A)homologous growth.
B)isometric growth.
C)allometric growth.
D)heterometric growth.
E)uneven growth.
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