The American Democracy, 10th Edition (Patterson)

Chapter 15: Economic and Environmental Policy: Contributing to Prosperity

Web Links

The Office of Management and Budget
The official site of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) contains links to Federal budget publications and economic reports.
( )
Federal Reserve Board
The Federal Reserve Board website includes recent testimony and speeches, statistics, and reports to Congress.
( )
Yahoo News Coverage on the Federal Reserve

( )
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The EPA was created in 1970 in the heyday of emergent public concern over the environment.
( )
Federal Trade Commission
The Federal Trade Commission is one of the older regulatory agencies. Its website describes the range of its activities.
( )
Yahoo Guide to Environmental Issues

( )
U.S. National Debt Clock
A Department of Treasury-derived figure of total outstanding public debt. Needless to say, this site is a dedicated anti-deficit one with links to others of like mind, including the influential Concord Coalition.
( )
Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2011
From the Office of Management and Budget. You can wade through this formidable document directly and via Historical Tables.
( )
Sierra Club Home Page
One of the oldest and most influential environmental advocacy groups.
( )
The League of Conservation Voters
Famous for publishing its biennial list of the “Dirty Dozen”—members of Congress whom it judges to be most opposed to law to clean the environment.
( )
American Land Rights Association
An organization dedicated to opposing the acquisition of private property for rededication as national or state parks.
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