The American Democracy, 10th Edition (Patterson)

Chapter 17: Foreign Policy: Protecting the American Way

Chapter Outline

  1. The Roots of U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy
    1. The Cold War Era
    2. A New World Order
    3. The War on Terrorism
    4. The Iraq War
    5. The Afghanistan Escalation
  2. The Military Dimension of National Security Policy
    1. Military Power, Uses, and Capabilities
      1. Nuclear War
      2. Conventional War
      3. Unconventional (Guerrilla) War
      4. Transnational Terrorism
    2. The Politics of National Defense
  3. The Economic Dimension of National Security Policy
    1. Promoting Global Trade
    2. Maintaining Access to Oil and Other Natural Resources
    3. Assisting Developing Nations
  4. A Challenging World
Patterson Tenth Edition Large Cover
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