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Key Concepts Quiz 3.2
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A conical sand hopper used to fill city trucks for spreading sand on icy streets has a radius of 3.4 m and a height of 4.2 m. What volume of sand does it hold?
Volume of a Cone Worked Example (22.0K)
B)50.8 m3
C)60.0 m3
D)152.5 m3

A spherical weather balloon has a radius of 3 m. What volume of helium does it hold?
Volume of a Sphere Worked Example (22.0K)
A)27 m3
B)63.6 m3
C)84.8 m3
D)113.1 m3

The fuel tank for a transport truck has a volume of 1.2 m3. How many litres of fuel does it hold?
Converting Cubic Metres to Litres Worked Example (21.0K)
A)1.2 L
B)120 L
C)1200 L
D)120 000 L

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