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Key Concepts Quiz 3.3
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Describe the box that can be made using the net shown.
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Volume of a Cone Worked Example (22.0K)
A)A bottom 20 cm by 8 cm, and a height of 6 cm.
B)A bottom 20 cm by 6 cm, and a height of 8 cm.
C)A bottom 6 cm by 8 cm, and a height of 20 cm.
D)A bottom 20 cm by 8 cm, and a height of 12 cm.

Use the document below to help answer questions 2 and 3:

Volume of a Sphere Worked Example (22.0K)


A gift box for a teacup measures 14 cm by 14 cm by 10 cm. Find the surface area of the box.
A)1960 cm2
B)1176 cm2
C)952 cm2
D)38 cm2

A packing box for a bicycle measures 2.1 m by 0.32 m by 0.98 m. How much cardboard is needed to make the box?
A)0.66 m2
B)6.0 m2
C)6.66 m2
D)12.0 m2

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