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Animation: A Biochemical Pathway
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View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1Which of the following statement(s) about biochemical pathways is(are) TRUE?
A)they are very well organized and structured
B)they convert an initial substrate via a series of steps into an end product
C)they can only function for a few runs
D)A and B
E)A, B and C

2Consider the biochemical pathway: A – E1 –> B – E2 –> C
Enzyme 1 can utilize
A)only A as substrate.
B)only B as substrate.
C)both A and B as substrates.
D)neither A nor B as substrate.
E)either A or B as substrate, but not both.

3Consider the biochemical pathway: A – E1 –> B – E2 –> C
If Enzyme 2 is inactive, which of the following compounds will accumulate?
A)A only
B)B only
C)C only
D)A and B
E)B and C

4In a biochemical pathway, the product of the first reaction becomes the substrate in the second reaction.

5All biochemical pathways have the same number of enzymatic reactions.

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