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Charles C. Plummer, California State University at Sacramento
David McGeary, California State University at Sacramento
Diane H. Carlson, California State University at Sacramento

ISBN: 007252815x
Copyright year: 2005


We are grateful to the following reviewers of all ten editions, for their careful evaluation and useful suggestions for improvements.

John M. Alderson, Marymount College
Jeff Amato, New Mexico State University
Norbert L. Archbold, Western Illinois University
William W. Atkinson, Jr., University of Colorado-Boulder
R. Scott Babcock, Western Washington State University
Victor R. Baker, The University of Texas
Joan Baldwin, El Camino College
Kathryn Baldwin, Washington State University
Alexander R. Ball, Los Angeles Valley College
Chris Barker, Stephen F. Austin State University
Mark Baskaran, Wayne State University
Paul G. Bauer, Cuesta College
Kenneth A. Beem, Montgomery College
Robert E. Behling, West Virginia University
J. Bret Bennington, Hofstra University
Terrill R. Berkland, Central Missouri State University
David J. Berner, Normandale Community College
Mary Lou Bevier, University of British Columbia
Peter E. Borella, Riverside City College
Ted Bornhorst, Michigan Technological University
Stephen K. Boss, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
Robert L. Brenner, University of Iowa
David P. Bucke, University of Vermont
Reid L. Buell, Caltrans
Mark Camp, University of Toledo
Gary Carlson, Midland Lutheran College
Stanley Celestian, Glendale Community College
Wang-Ping Chen, University of Illinois-Champaign
Albert Claus, Loyola University-Chicago
Jeffrey B. Connelly, University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Greg S. Conrad, Sam Houston State University
Peter Copeland, University of Houston
Robert G. Corbett, Illinois State University
Kevin Cornwell, California State University-Sacramento
Larry Davis, St. John’s University
P. Thompson Davis, Bentley College
Nancye H. Dawers, Tulane University
Paul A. Dike, Glassboro State College
Steven F. Dodin, Community College of Allegheny County
William Dupre, University of Houston
Robert J. Elias, University of Manitoba
Dave Evans, California State University-Sacramento
Stanley C. Fagerlin, Southwest Missouri State University
Peter J. Fischer, California State University
Ronald C. Flemal, Northern Illinois University
Tim Flood, St. Norbert College
Richard A. Flory, California State University-Chico
Robert D. Forester, Collin County Community College
Michael Forrest, Rio Hondo College
Nels Forsman, University of North Dakota
M. G. Frey, University of New Orleans
Jon S. Galehouse, San Francisco State University
Heather L. Gallacher, Cleveland State University
Lloyd Glawe, Northeast Louisiana University
Nathan Green, University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa
Jeffrey Greenberg, Wheaton College
Priscilla C. Grew, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
John Griffin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Andrew J. Hajash, Texas A&M University
Duane Hampton, Western Michigan University
Frank M. Hanna, California State University-Northridge
Steven C. Hansen, Ricks College
Stephen B. Harper, East Carolina University
Norm Harris, Nassau Community College
Stephen L. Harris, California State University-Sacramento
Barry Haskell, Los Angeles Pierce College
Duane Hampton, Western Michigan University
Miles O. Hayes, University of South Carolina
Richard A. Heimlich, Kent State University
Stephen C. Hildreth, Jr., University of South Dakota
Chris Hill, Fullerton College
Timothy Horner, California State University-Sacramento
Mary S. Hubbard, Kansas State University
Paul Hudak, University of North Texas
Roy L. Ingram, University of North Carolina
Solomon A. Isiorho, Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne
Clark M. Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Neil E. Johnson, Appalachian State University
Norris W. Jones, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Steve Kadel, Glendale Community College
Leslie Kanat, Johnson State College
Mike Katuna, College of Charleston
Manfred Kehlenbeck, Lakehead University
Phillip R. Kemmerly, Austin Peay State University
Brian King, Lake Superior State University
David T. King, Jr., Auburn University
James G. Kirchner, Illinois State University
J. Steven Kite, West Virginia University-Morgantown
Lawrence W. Knight, William Rainey Harper College
Jeff Knott, California State University-Fullerton
M. John Kocurko, Midwestern State University
Ronald H. Konig, University of Arkansas
Peter L. Kresan, University of Arizona
Albert M. Kudo, University of New Mexico
Adrianne Leinbach, Wake Technical Community College
Alan Lester, University of Colorado-Boulder
Howard Level, Ventura College
Donald Lindsley, SUNY at Stony Brook
David N. Lumsden, Memphis State University
Jerry F. Magloughlin, Colorado State University
Harmon D. Maher, Jr., University of Nebraska-Omaha
Craig M. Mancuso, Mount Union College
Walter Manger, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
Chris Mantzios, Doane College
Donald K. Marchand, Jr., Old Dominion University
Kathleen Marsaglia, University of Texas-El Paso
James McLelland, Colgate University
William S. McLoda, Mountain View College
Margaret E. McMillan, University of Arkansas-Little Rock
C. Daniel Miller, U.S. Geological Survey
Penelope Morton, University of Minnesota-Duluth
Daniel Nedland, Colorado Mountain College-Breckenridge
Doug Oliver, Tarrant County College
William D. Orndorff, Concord College
Donald Owen, Lamar University-Beaumont
Bruce C. Panuska, Mississippi State University
Richard Pardi, William Paterson University
Chuck Patterson, Red Rocks Community College
Jacqueline Patterson, California State University-Fullerton
Edward J. Perantoni, Lindenwood University
Eugene Perry, Northern Illinois University
John D. Pigott, University of Oklahoma
Lin Pope, University of Southern Mississippi
David R. Privette, Central Piedmont Community College
Frederick J. Rich, Georgia Southern University
Bradley Ritts, Utah State University
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William E. Sanford, Colorado State University
Robert A. Schiffman, Bakersfield College
David R. Schwimmer, Columbus State University
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Barbara Sherriff, University of Winnipeg
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Kevin J. Smart, University of Oklahoma
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William A. Smith, Grand Valley State University
Richard Smosna, University of West Virginia
David Sparks, Texas A&M University
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Norman W. Ten Brink, Grand Valley State College
J. Robert Thompson, Glendale Community College
Richard P. Tollo, George Washington University
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Stephen H. Watts, Sir Sandford Fleming College
William J. Wayne, University of Nebraska
John Wickham, University of Texas-Arlington
Thomas H. Wolosz, SUNY College of Plattsburgh
Aaron Yoshinobu, Texas Tech University
Nick Zentner, Central Washington University-Ellennsburg

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