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Physical Geology, 10/e

Charles C. Plummer, California State University at Sacramento
David McGeary, California State University at Sacramento
Diane H. Carlson, California State University at Sacramento

ISBN: 007252815x
Copyright year: 2005


The tenth edition provides a complete physical geology package for the student and instructor.

For the Student

  • Online Learning Center at
    This comprehensive site gives you the opportunity to further explore topics presented in the book using the Internet. The site contains several types of interactive quizzes with immediate feedback, animations, flashcards, Internet activities, additional readings, answers to selected end of chapter questions, and a career center. We've integrated PowerWeb: Geology's information and timely world news, web links, and much more into the site to make these valuable resources easily accessible to students.
  • Student Interactive CD-ROM can be packaged with every new copy of Plummer et al/Physical Geology, 10th edition. This CD-ROM features chapter-based quizzes, chapter-based web exercises, student tutorial, animations, and PowerPoints of all the images found in the textbook.

For the Instructor

  • Online Learning Center at
    Included in the password-protected Instructor's Edition is an Instructor's Manual that contains a chapter overview, a list of changes, learning objectives, a list of boxes, discussion and essay questions, and selected readings. The Online Learning Center also contains PowerPoint Lecture Outlines, as well as the list of slides and transparencies that accompany the tenth edition.
  • Digital Content Manager CD-ROM
    This CD-ROM contains every illustration, photograph, and table from the text, 50 animations, and 10 additional photos for each chapter. The software makes customizing your multimedia presentation easy. You can organize figures in any order you want; add labels, lines, and your own artwork; integrate material from other sources; edit and annotate lecture notes; and then have the option of placing your multimedia lecture into another presentation program such as PowerPoint.
  • Instructor's Testing and Resource CD-ROM
    This cross-platform CD-ROM provides a wealth of resources for the instructor. Supplements featured on this CD-ROM include a computerized test bank utilizing Brownstone Diploma testing software to quickly create customized exam. This user-friendly program allows instructors to search for questions by topic, format, or difficulty level; edit existing questions or add new ones; and scramble questions and answer keys for multiple versions of the same test.

    Other assets on the Instructor's Testing and Resource CD-ROM are grouped within easy-to-use folders. The Instructor's Manual and Test Item File are available in both Word and PDF formats. Word files of the test bank are included for those instructors who prefer to work outside of the test-generator software.

  • 250 Transparencies
    Included are 250 illustrations from the text, all enlarged for excellent visibility in the classroom.
  • 100 Slides
    One hundred slides include illustrations and photographs from the text.
  • New Edition of Laboratory Manual for Physical Geology, 12/e by Zumberge, Rutford, and Carter, ISBN 0-07-282689-4
  • Laboratory Manual for Physical Geology, 4/e by Jones and Jones, ISBN 0-07-243655-7
  • Course Management Systems
    The Online Learning Center can be easily loaded into course management systems such as:
  • o Blackboard
    o WebCT
    o eCollege
    o PageOut

To obtain an instructor login for this Online Learning Center, ask your local sales representative. If you're an instructor thinking about adopting this textbook, request a free copy for review.