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Learning Objectives
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  1. Describe the functions of emotions in children and discuss theoretical perspectives of emotional development. Discuss the emergence of children's abilities to produce and recognize emotions.
  2. Explain emotional scripts and children's awareness of when to express certain emotions.
  3. Discuss the development of laughter and smiling.
  4. Discuss the major explanations for the development of fear, including fear of strangers.
  5. Describe the development of complex emotions such as pride, guilt, and shame.
  6. Describe the development of children's understanding of the meaning of emotions, and their ability to differentiate and integrate more than one emotion simultaneously.
  7. Discuss the major theories of attachment. Identify the main attachment classifications.
  8. Discuss the developmental course of attachment. State how this course is influenced by parental behavior and infant temperament. Discuss how internal working models influence attachment.
  9. Discuss the stability of attachment and the consequences of attachment. Include the effects of multiple attachments and multiple caregivers on the quality of attachment, including the data on day care.

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