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Introduction to Mass Communication: Media Literacy and Culture: Updated Media Enhanced 3rd Edition, 3/e

Stanley J. Baran, Bryant College

ISBN: 0072827580
Copyright year: 2004

Feature Summary

  • Emphasis on developing media literacy. Chapter 2 presents the elements of media literacy, and this emphasis is woven throughout the text. Each chapter from Chapter 3 to 15 contains a section on developing media literacy skills, specific to that chapter’s medium or issue.
  • Cultural perspective. The text argues that the media are "central to the creation and maintenance of our various cultures,” and that, by taking a more active role in the mass communication process, media audiences can help to shape the cultures that, in turn, shape them.
  • A chapter on global media. This final chapter discusses Marshall McLuhan’s and William Gibson’s ideas about the "global village" and media as extensions of our senses. It examines our changing media and the economic, political, and cultural environments that have arisen due to the changes in global communication technology.
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