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Chapter 3: Achieving Mental and Emotional Health

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Which is NOT a sign of good mental health?

A)You enjoy life.
B)You are uncomfortable alone.
C)You are generally happy.
D)You are confident and comfortable with others.

Self-talk _____

A)can affect your self-esteem.
B)is the criticism that you give yourself.
C)is the encouragement that you give yourself.
D)All of the above

Which is NOT a way to help improve self-esteem?

A)Accept the things that you can't change and focus on changing the things you can.
B)Don't worry about exercise because it does not affect self-esteem.
C)Choose friends who value and respect you.
D)Work toward accomplishments instead of perfection.

Which need is at the top of Maslow's hierarchy?

A)Need to belong
B)Need for self-actualization
C)Need to feel recognized
D)Physical need

Which is NOT a core ethical value demonstrated by good character?

A)Being untrustworthy
B)Being honest
C)Being responsible
D)Being respectful

Which explains the importance of having a sense of purpose?

A)It highlights your strengths.
B)It highlights your weaknesses.
C)It helps you set goals and work to achieve them.
D)It shows you are honest.

Which is a healthful risk?

A)Writing poetry and submitting it for a contest
B)Drinking and doing drugs with friends at a party
C)Becoming a gang member
D)Both b. and c.

Which statement is an expression of empathy?

A)"What is wrong with you?"
B)"I know how you feel."
C)"I love you."
D)"Don't talk to me right now."

Which is NOT a way to reduce the intensity of your emotions?

A)Get a massage to relax your muscles
B)Don't leave the situation before you feel better
C)Breathe deeply several times
D)All of the above

Which is false about guilt?

A)It boosts self-esteem
B)It can be managed
C)It is a destructive emotion
D)It can harm self-esteem
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