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Chapter 3: Achieving Mental and Emotional Health

Student Web Activities Lesson 1: Developing Your Self-Esteem

As you learned in this lesson, “self-talk” is the stream of messages—positive and negative—that we send ourselves throughout the day. At some time of another, most of us engage in negative self-talk, which can harm both our self-esteem and our outlook on life. Fortunately, since self-talk occurs between our own ears, we have the power to change it. At this Web site, you can learn more about how you can bring yourself down with self-talk, as well as how you can turn your internal dialogue around for the better.

Links to Explore:
Self Talk


  • Click on the link and read the Teacher’s Guide.
  • Then answer the following questions.

What is the relationship between your self-talk and your state of mind?
List five forms of negative self-talk.
What is catastrophizing?
How can you break the habit of negative self-talk?
What is the purpose of positive affirmations?
When stating affirmations, is it better to frame them in the negative ("I am not stupid") or in the positive ("I am smart")? Explain why.
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