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Chapter 8: Peer Relationships

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How is a platonic friendship different from other friendships?

A)It is based on a sense of affection.
B)It takes place among people of similar ages.
C)It is a casual relationship.
D)It is between people of opposite gender.

What is a negative aspect to cliques?

A)Cliques can be exclusive.
B)Cliques give their members a sense of belonging.
C)A clique has a small circle of friends.
D)Members of a clique support one another.

Which is a technique to overcome feelings of envy or jealousy?

A)Think about what you do well and the good things in your life.
B)Ignore the feelings until they go away.
C)Forget about what is making you feel jealous.
D)Ask yourself if someone is making you feel this way on purpose.

Which is NOT a reason for a friendship to change?

A)Both people continue to share similar interests.
B)The relationship becomes harmful.
C)Your friend becomes offensive to you.
D)Your friend tries to get you to change your beliefs or actions.

Which is an example of positive peer pressure?

A)Using flattery to influence another person
B)Making threats
C)Having friends who don't smoke or use other drugs
D)Offering a bribe

Which skills are most important to use when teens are faced with negative peer pressure?

A)Role-playing skills
B)Refusal skills
C)Manipulation skills
D)Negotiation skills

What is the last step in asserting yourself against peer pressure?

A)Stating your position
B)Suggesting alternatives
C)Standing your ground
D)Caving in

Which is a negative consequence of being passive?

A)Peers may fight back.
B)Peers may avoid the passive person.
C)The passive person gets his way.
D)Peers may not respect the passive person.

A curfew is _____

A)a limit set by your friends.
B)a time limit set by yourself.
C)a time limit set by your parents.
D)a high-risk dating situation.

Which is NOT a way to commit to abstinence?

A)Avoid high-pressure situations.
B)Establish your priorities.
C)Give in to pressure to make exceptions to your priorities.
D)Talk with a trusted friend or adult.
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