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Chapter 9: Resolving Conflicts and Preventing Violence

Student Web Activities Lesson 1: Causes of Conflict

In this lesson, you have learned about how conflicts occur and how they can harm relationships. You have also learned about the importance of stopping conflicts from escalating into fights. One of the simplest ways to smooth over a conflict is to simply apologize. However, many people find apologizing difficult. They may think it shows weakness, or they may just not know how to do it effectively. At this Web site, you can learn more about how saying you’re sorry can be useful and how to make an effective apology.

Links to Explore:
The Power of Apologies


  • Click on the link and read the article.
  • Then answer the following questions:

What is the advantage of apologizing?
What type of apology is likely to heighten conflict? Explain why.
If you did not offend someone on purpose, is it still a good idea to apologize? Why or why not?
What is the risk of explaining your behavior as part of an apology? When is an explanation useful?
After someone apologizes to you, what can you do to further mend the relationship?
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