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Persuasion In The Media Age
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Persuasion In The Media Age

Timothy A. Borchers, Minnesota State University


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Chapters 1: Persuasion in the Contemporary Society
Chapters 2: Theories of Persuasion
Chapters 3: Persuasion and Ethics in the Media Age
Chapters 4: Media Influences on Persuasion
Chapters 5: The Audience
Chapters 6: Persuasion and Visual Images
Chapters 7: Persuasion and Language
Chapters 8: Persuasion and Culture
Chapters 9: The Persuasiveness of the Source
Chapters 10: The Reasoning Process
Chapters 11: Motivational Appeals
Chapters 12: Political Persuasion
Chapters 13: Persuasive Movements
Chapters 14: Advertising
Chapters 15: Interpersonal Persuasion
Chapters 16: Creating Persuasive Presentations
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