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Practice Test
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Which types of reports can be classified as either informational, analytical or recommendation reports, depending on the information they provide?
A)Sales and feasibility reports.
B)Trip and interim reports.
C)Justification and progress reports.
D)Progress and make-good reports.
A triple bottom line report measures a company's performance in terms of its social, environmental and economic impacts.
When you have encountered significant obstacles that delayed your work, you should not include those obstacles in your progress report. The reader is only interested in what you accomplished.
You're writing a justification report for a solution that your audience will find difficult to accept. How should you organize the information in order to present your solution?
A)Start with a description of your solution and why it's needed.
B)Start with a catchy introduction to attract the reader's attention, then build interest by giving the background to the problem, then present your solution.
C)Start with a description of the problem and show why easier or less expensive solutions won't work before you describe your solution.
D)Wait until the end to describe your solution.
To create a strong sales proposal for a client relationship management (CRM) system for a company's sales force, you should do all of the following EXCEPT:
A)Provide complete technical details about how the system works and how it could be integrated with the buyer's existing computer resources.
B)Deal with any objections the reader might have (such as cost or time required to learn the system).
C)Describe the benefits in terms of the buyer's priorities.
D)Ask the reader to approve your proposal.
Stan's SuperBurgers, a small fast food outlet across from the high school, asks you to submit a proposal. As the student population grows and the school shortens the two consecutive lunch periods in order to gain more class time, Stan is finding it harder to serve everyone in the early and late lunch groups and get them out on time. He can see that something about his operations needs to be improved, but he's not sure what to do. Your proposal should
A)Offer to survey other small fast food outlets with a large student lunch business and report on their best practices.
B)Offer to investigate whether Stan's operations need to be improved.
C)Offer to develop a plan to improve efficiency at Stan's SuperBurgers.
D)Offer to implement a plan to improve efficiency.
When you are introducing someone else's work in a report, you should always use a neutral verb (such as "Brown says..." or "Brown discusses...") rather than a verb that suggests you either agree or disagree with that author's point of view.
Is the following sentence written in a style that's appropriate for a recommendation report? Why or why not?    We don't recommend that you raise your prices at this time; however, if your input costs increase by another 5%, you'll    want to consider it.
A)Yes, because the statement is clear about the current recommendation and the event that would change it.
B)No, because it weakens the main recommendation by introducing an alternate scenario.
C)No, because it uses contractions and uses "you" instead of the company name.
D)No, because it assumes the report writer knows what the client will want to do in the future.
A complex report might need up to (1)__________ levels of headings, with at least (2)________ subsections under each level.
A)(1) five, (2) three
B)(1) three, (2) two
C)(1) seven, (2) three
D)(1) two, (2) two
In which section(s) of a report can the recommendations appear?
A)In the recommendations section of the body only. Information should not be repeated in a report.
B)In the title and in the conclusions section of the body.
C)In the executive summary and the solutions section.
D)In the letter or memo of transmittal, the executive summary and the recommendations section of the body.
Is the following title acceptable for a formal report outlining the causes and proposed solution for a company's poor results in customer service surveys? Why or why not?   Improving our poor customer service rating through increased staffing
A)No, because the title should never include the report's recommendation(s).
B)No, because it's too long.
C)No, because the recommendation sounds expensive and the reader would therefore probably find it difficult to accept.
D)Yes, because it gives the reader an efficient preview of the report's contents.
When you're preparing a formal report, you should write the executive summary
A)Last, after you have clarified your core ideas.
B)After your proposal has been accepted, since much of the executive summary is based on the proposal.
C)As soon as you know what your recommendation will be.
D)After you have written the purpose and scope sections.
When would you include a formal report's recommendation and proof in the executive summary?
A)When you're writing an executive summary of a government report.
B)When you're writing a descriptive executive summary.
C)When you're writing an informative executive summary.
D)When the recommendation will come as a surprise to the audience.

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