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Editing Exercises - Multilingual Writers
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Rewrite the following paragraph to improve sentence structure.


1) Cartagena it is a major city in northwestern Colombia, where include the major industries sugar refining, tobacco growing, and oil production. 2) Was founded in 1533 by the Spaniards, and the port of Cartagena it quickly became a centre for trade and export, providing many raw materials to the Spanish Empire. 3) In 1821, the city became part of Colombia, which had gained its independence as a result of the wars liberation they were led by Simon Bolivar. 4) Today, in addition to being a leader in the petrochemical industry, is a picturesque city, which visit many tourists.


1) Some students wonder: Ferdinand Magellan was Italian or Spanish? 2) Actually was Portuguese. 3) Magellan he was the first person to circumnavigate the globe. 4) After having a commission from Charles I of Spain received, a fleet of five ships he led it across the Atlantic. 5) After a difficult voyage, reached the southern part of South America, where was he able to find a water opening that eventually led him to the Pacific Ocean. 6) The "straits" that he discovered and sailed through they still bear his name. 7) What did Magellan's voyage proved? 8) It proved the earth round was.


1) Why everyone today seems worried about eating foods containing carbohydrates? 2) Are trying to avoid foods that they contain sugars and starches. 3) Some diet experts believe that a low-carbohydrate diet it is the secret to quick weight loss. 4) However, carbohydrates are important, for they are sources of energy. 5) The problem is that carbohydrates can turned into fats when are they not burned through physical activity. 6) So, anyone who loves carbohydrates and doesn't want to gain weight had better do a lot of physical exercise.


1) Leukemia is a disease that blood-producing tissues affects. 2) Include those in bone marrow, the spleen, and the lymph system. 3) In leukemia patients, reproduce white blood cells abnormally. 4) A form of cancer, the disease exhibits symptoms that include a weakening of the immune system, which can made one vulnerable to other diseases. 5) Though some forms of treatment such as chemotherapy they are helpful, Leukemia fatal can be.


1) Santiago de Campostello is supposed to be the site where is located the tomb of St. James, the apostle. 2) Is located in northwestern Spain this city. 3) During the Middle Ages, became one of the most important destinations for religious pilgrimages in Europe. 4) Today, a centre of tourism Santiago remains, with its 13th century cathedral and its 15th century university.

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