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Editing Exercises - Sentence Variety - Basic
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The following sentence variety editing exercise depends on your knowledge and understanding of coordination and subordination. For help in successfully completing this section, please review the exercises in Editing > Coordination and Subordination.

The paragraph below is composed of short, choppy sentences. Rewrite it, aiming for more sentence variety; when combining sentences, use coordination and subordination appropriately, and be sure to add and/or delete words where necessary. (Delete the sentence numbers as you rewrite the paragraph.)
1) Mongolia is in Asia. 2) It borders both China and Russia. 3) Actually, there are two Mongolias. 4) The first is the People's Republic of Mongolia. 5) The second is Inner Mongolia. 6) The latter is an autonomous region of the People's Republic of China. 7) The climate is cold and dry. 8) In fact, the Gobi Desert takes up much of the area's centre. 9) The rest of Mongolia is high pasture land. 10) Here the people raise horses and other domestic animals. 11) This activity is their chief source of income.

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