Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 13: Chromosomes, Mapping and the Meiosis—Inheritance Connection

Learning Outcomes

Chapter 13
  • Evaluate the effects of continuous variation, pleiotropic genes, lack of complete dominance, environmental modifications of genes, and epistasis on disease
  • Understand the importance of crossing over in terms of gene assortment and construction of genetic maps.
  • Describe the many genetic disorders discussed in the text, their symptoms, relative frequency in specialized populations, and their genetic basis.
  • Understand the consequences of nondisjunction at various stages of gametogenesis and its affect on the sex chromosomes.
  • Understand the value and purpose of genetic counseling and describe two techniques of prenatal genetic screening.
  • Explain how chloroplasts and mitochondria contribute to the characteristics of eukaryotic cells.
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