Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 13: Chromosomes, Mapping and the Meiosis—Inheritance Connection

Video Quiz - Sex and the Senses

Objective: Detail how a single gene is being studied that appears to regulate male courtship behavior.

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What particular part of courtship behavior was studied in this research?
A)Sense cues including smell, taste and sound
B)Building of a nest
C)Musk odor production
D)Competition between males

In what organism was this research carried out?
A)a. Mice
C)Fruit Flies

What was the key significance of this research finding?
A)A single gene is capable of controlling all aspects of male courtship.
B)Courtship is a complex series of events that is likely controlled by too many factors to investigate.
C)Courtship is not regulated by genetic influence at all.
D)Behavior in fruit flies is not transferable to other animals.

What happened when female fruit flies were given the male gene identified as “Fruitless”?
A)There was no significant response, it is male gender determined.
B)The female fruit flies died.
C)The females now behaved like males.
D)The males were no longer attracted to the females.

How did they know that the females had actually taken up the male gene into their chromosomes?
A)The females formed male genitalia
B)The females born grew much larger
C)They were unable to actually mark the genes, they just observed behavioral changes.
D)They connected the courtship gene to another gene that makes a protein that glows in the dark
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