Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 14: DNA: The Genetic Material

Pre Test

Proteinase is an enzyme which is very effective in breaking peptide bonds. What would typically happen to mice injected with S form Streptococcus extract treated with proteinase mixed with live R form Streptococcus cells? (p. 257)
A)They would live.
B)They would die.
C)35S would be detected in their blood.
D)New forms of viruses resulted.
E)Transforming factor was created in the blood of the mice.
The three parts of each nucleotide are (p. 258)
A)Cytosine, ribose, and phosphate.
B)Amino group, phosphate, and pentose sugar.
C)Phosphate, ribose, and nitrogenous base.
D)Nitrogenous base, phosphate, and pentose.
E)Pentose, cytosine, and phosphate.
Suppose you discover an alien life form deep within the substance of a meteorite. Surprisingly, it uses the same classes of macromolecules as Earth creatures, but their biochemical reactions and enzymes are completely different. You determine that the mode of DNA replication is done through a dispersive mechanism using the Meselson-Stahl method of analysis. You know this because: (p. 263)
A)The DNA shows base-pairing of purines and pyrimidines.
B)You see a single band after centrifugation of lysed cells at a position higher and higher with each round of replication.
C)You originally see one band after the first round of replication, but later two bands, then three, and then four occur which correspond with subsequent rounds.
D)A single band forms, which then occurs at a position deeper and deeper in the CsCl gradient with each round of replication.
E)A single band which is lighter than the original DNA appears after one round of replication and then splits into two after the second. The number of bands is always two with subsequent rounds.
Which of the following concept pairs is/are mismatched? (p. 268)
A)Leading strand::continuous synthesis
B)Lagging strand::discontinuous synthesis
C)Replisome::multienzyme complex
D)All of the concept pairs are mismatched
E)None of the concept pairs is mismatched
True or false: A eukaryotic chromosome has two origins of replication: one for each strand of DNA (p. 270)
Screening consumer products for potential mutagens (p. 273)
A)demonstrated that most mutagens operate on DNA using similar chemical mechanisms of action.
B)reduces natural sources of mutation.
C)means that organic food and products are unlikely to cause DNA damage.
D)eliminates sources of mutation except for ultraviolet light.
E)only reduces the load of mutagens we are exposed to, but does not eliminate it.
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