Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 16: Control of Gene Expression

Video Quiz - Halting Hepatitis

Objective: Recognize what micro RNA is and identify the potential value of it as a gene regulator in stopping hepatitis in liver cells.

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How can RNA interference (RNAi) serve to stop certain pathogens?
A)RNAi stops the process of gene expression by host cells infected with viruses.
B)RNAi causes mitochondria to stop their production of needed ATP.
C)RNAi promotes greater lysosome activity, destroying the viruses as their nucleic acid enters into a host cell.
D)RNAi acts to create a change in cell membrane structure prohibiting the virus from attaching to a cell surface.

What is the normal sequence of events in gene expression?
A)Genes > protein > RNA
B)RNA > Genes > protein
C)Genes > RNA > protein
D)Protein > RNA > Genes

What is the actual course of action that RNAi could do to stop Hepatitis B?
A)Promotes the production of antibodies against Hepatitis B antigen.
B)Sends a signal alarming adjacent cells that a virus has attacked a cell.
C)Prevent cells from allowing the viral nucleic acid to be inserted into themselves.
D)Inhibit the virus from multiplying its own genetic information.

What is the greatest cause of liver transplants in the United States?
B)Hepatitis C
C)Cancer of the liver
D)Digestive disorders

What are the limitations that face researchers in making this hepatitis research plausible as a drug therapy?
A)The hepatitis virus mutates so quickly that it reduces the RNAi effectiveness.
B)Using a virus vector to deliver the RNAi is a difficult process.
C)The RNAi is not viable for long in the host cell.
D)A and C are true statements
E)B and C are true statements
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