Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 25: Evolution of Development

Learning Outcomes

Chapter 25
  • Know what the term genome means and what it means to science to have elucidated a complete genome of a species.
  • Understand the evolutionary implications of gene duplication
  • Understand the significance of highly conserved genes in speciation and diversity
  • Understand the role of stop codons in imparting new traits
  • Explain the morphological diversity of fish jaws
  • Understand how ancestral genes develop new functions over time
  • Explain the evolution of the AP3 gene
  • Understand how convergent evolution works when different genes are recruited in different species. Give an example.
  • Describe functional analysis of genes
  • Distinguish between the two different hypotheses regarding the expression of the Pax6 gene and the evolution of organs of sight.
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