Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 27: Viruses

Video Quiz - How Viruses Attack

Objective: Detail how certain types of viruses inject their genetic material into host cells.

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What type of microcopy has a high enough resolution to examine some viruses?
A)Compound microscope
C)Electron microscope
D)Phase contrast microscope

The particular virus studied in this research was one that infects E-coli bacteria called:
B)West Nile Virus
C)Varicella zoster

The mechanism of entry into a host cell involves protein rearrangements in what part of the virus structure?
B)Base plate
D)Tail Fibers

The virus infects a host cell by:
A)the host cell engulfing the virus through endocytosis.
B)the virus removing the DNA from the host.
C)the virus pierces the outer surface of the host cell and injects its DNA.
D)the virus stays attached to the surface of the cell and takes over its genetic machinery.

Which of the following is an extended medical application to understanding how viruses attack?
A)Using viruses to assist in DNA Fingerprinting
B)Using viruses to insert healthy DNA into cells whose genetic material has been damaged by injury or disease.
C)Using viruses for gene therapy technique
D)Two of the above are applications
E)All of the above are applications
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