Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 27: Viruses

Video Quiz - Killer Flu Recreated

Objective: Identify what viral research efforts are being put forth to curtail a flu pandemic.

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What is a pandemic?
A)The spreading of a disease in an isolated population.
B)Invasion by and multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms into a body.
C)Epidemic over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of the population.
D)An infectious disease.

How was the virus which caused the Spanish Flu in 1918 obtained for research today?
A)Lung samples were taken from some of the pandemic victims.
B)The virus had been isolated and stored at the time of the pandemic.
C)The 1918 Spanish Flu virus is the same the current Avian Flu virus, so there was no need to obtain the earlier version.
D)The virus was maintained in chicken eggs for future use.

To study the Spanish Flu virus the research team had to do use reverse genetics which involves which of the following?
A)Transcription of the DNA from the virus
B)Using a genetic probe to identify the genes that were dangerous.
C)Splicing the coding DNA sequences from the Spanish Flu into non-coding sequences from similar viruses and then inserting the virus into cells.
D)Prompting ribosomes in cells to translate the viral DNA into protein coats.

What is the top priority in doing this type of viral research?
A)Containment of the virus for bio-safety
B)Cost of the research
C)Speed at which a vaccine can be produced
D)Relationships with other countries to share their findings

What will this viral focused reverse genetics technique have ability to assist in?
A)Helping to identify the actual cause of death in the Spanish flu pandemic.
B)Stopping all viral attacks in the future.
C)Destroying the Avian Flu virus before it can become a danger to civilization.
D)Help to predict which new influenza viruses in nature have pandemic potential.
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