Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 28: Prokaryotes

Pre Test

Microfossils about 3.5 billion years old have been found. They represent (p. 540)
A)the first plants.
B)fossilized remains of biologically-derived organic molecules.
C)remains of prokaryotic cells, the first organisms.
D)deposits of specific isotopes of carbon that are most easily explained by biological metabolism.
E)remnants of archaea ancestors.
The chromosomes of bacteria are typically (p. 542)
A)linear, made of single-stranded DNA, and found in their nucleus.
B)circular, made of singe-stranded DNA, and found in their nucleus.
C)linear, made of double-stranded DNA, and found in their nucleoid region.
D)circular, made of double-stranded DNA, and found in their nucleoid region.
E)Either b or d is possible for bacteria.
True or false: Gram-negative bacteria are so-named because they quickly die in the presence of the Gram reagent. (p. 546)
Horizontal gene transfer is the movement of genes from one species to another. In prokaryotes, this can most often occur via (p. 551)
D)All of these cause horizontal gene transfer.
E)None of these allow horizontal gene transfer.
The term "autotroph" refers specifically to (p. 553)
A)cells which can obtain their own food by engulfing other organisms.
B)organisms which get their energy by harnessing the energy from spontaneous chemical reactions.
C)cells which use energy from light reactions but obtain carbon from organic molecules.
D)metabolic strategies during which carbon is harnessed from inorganic CO2 sources.
E)metabolism involving organic carbon and energy sources.
True or false: The increase in AIDS in society has displaced (that is, reduced the relative proportion) of tuberculosis in the incarcerated and homeless. (p. 554)
Bioremediation is a major component of (p. 558)
A)commensalistic interactions between eukaryotes and bacterial assistants.
B)cellulose processing in the guts of cattle.
C)treatment of sewage from urban sites.
D)All of the above are examples of bioremediation.
E)None of the above are examples of bioremediation.
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