Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 37: Vegetative Plant Development

Post Test

Loss of the wild-type activity of the SUS (SUSPENSOR) gene results in (p. 744)
A)loss of a suspensor, and death of the embryo.
B)development of vascular tissue prematurely in the embryo.
C)formation of more than one embryo-like structures in a single seed.
D)loss of the shoot pole of the embryo.
E)loss of the root pole of the embryo.
What is necessary for seed germination? (p. 749)
A)Light has to hit it to induce photosynthesis.
B)Water and oxygen need to contact it.
C)Water has to erode away the seed coat.
D)Carbon dioxide levels around the seed need to increase so it can perform the Calvin cycle.
E)The fruit must be peeled away.
Which of the following fruits is correctly matched with its description? (p.751)
A)Multiple fruit; has a wing formed from outer tissues
B)Legume; individual flowers form fruits around a single stem
C)Berry; two carpels with seeds attached to edges
D)Aggregate fruit; derived from many ovaries of a single flower
E)Samara; fleshy pericarp with a thin skin
What effect does exposure of gibberelic acid to the aleurone cause? (p. 754)
A)Production of alpha amylase
B)Emergence of the radicle
C)Reorientation of the seed so the root grows down and the shoot grows up
D)Splitting of the seed coat
E)Expansion of cotyledons
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